Our company has won the support and fame of the purchasers in producing and supply Elevator Controller. These area unit used primarily for the aim of dominant the elevators.

Creating niche in providing Elevator Controller to the purchasers. The offered vary of those elevator controllers area unit meant for the aim of dominant the elevators. These area unit designed to be used for long amount of your time. These elevator controllers provide economical performance for pretty long amount of your time. what is more, these elevator controllers build use of the user friendly settings so as to deliver life long performance.


* Quality performance
* Used for controlling the elevators
* Equipped with high precision machined components


* Micro processor based controller
* Open logic parameters set according to site requirement
* Auto rescue device enabled
* Control Panel is designed and manufactured in house
* Self assessment of problems displayed on screen
* Highest safety features for traveling
* Automatic re-leveling
* Built-in VVVF type for smooth start and stops
* Auto shut down in case of over shooting

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